How much is a rental?
Our photo booths vary in price and the prices listed are by the hour. 

  • Selfie Station $150 Per hour (3 hour minimum)
  • 360 Photo Booth for 2 - 5 hour events $200 per hour 
  • 360 Photo Booth for 6 - 10 hour events $250 per hour
  • Events longer that 10 hour must request a quote.

Will someone stay to operate the booth? Yes, your booth concierge will stay the entire time of your rental reservation.

Do I get a copy of all the videos? Yes, you will receive a link to all videos recorded during your reservation.  

What is the most popular add on? Our most popular add ons are the L.E.D display and speaker. 

Will my deposit be deducted from the total? Yes, your deposit will be deducted. If your total is $600 and you pay a $200 deposit, your remaining balance is $400.